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Free Online Slots

The traditional slots were popular due to the ease of playing and winning. Online slots are no different from offline slots — you get all the features and options you would at traditional slots. However, online slots are a step higher, as you can play anywhere and at any point in time with these slots.

What makes the slots even more enticing is the free online games you get to enjoy. Yes, you can play online slots for free! You also can try your hand on even the most popular games without paying a dime.

You need to understand the different types of slots and slot bonuses to take full advantage of their many benefits.

Well, you might want to loosen up, as we gathered everything you need in this article. Keep strolling.

Different Types of Slots

Slots have been one of the most enticing casino games for years, and it’s for no other reason than how fantastic these games are.

As a newbie, you might not know that slots are not just one game but a category of casino games. Now, there are different types of casino games.

If you want to play free online slot machines, you need to understand these different games and what makes them distinct. Let’s get right into it!

1. Video Slots

Video Slots, also known as 5-reel slots, are the most popular slots among players because it has more betting options. These slots have sounds, graphics, and images. It provides a submersible experience that makes you feel like you are right in the theme setting.

These slots can have up to 100 paylines with different symbols. You can also win big with the high payouts and bet more. While this type of slot seems so enticing, there are still other types you would enjoy.

2. Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots are in the different types of slots. You activate this round by matching the correct symbol and combination. The right symbol is usually the one that fits in with the game’s theme.

You would enjoy this slot as you get to win more without making any payment. The bonus slots would be highlighted with how you can enjoy the game, whichever slot or casino you choose.

3. 3-Reel Slots

In the traditional slots, the three-reel slots have a lever for spinning and are popularly called the one-armed bandits. The simplicity of the offline slots also translates to the online slots. Even better, as you only need to push a button!

Players love this slot with its exciting symbols. You have a choice of three coins with each spin on the reel.

4. Progressive Slots

These slots are exceptional. With each bet, you get an even better jackpot, hence the name progressive. Depending on your bet percentage, you might experience a difference in your jackpot size. As you play the slot, you’d find details of the bet and jackpot sizes on the gaming screen.

One thing about these slots is that you might not hit the jackpot if you don’t bet high. Nevertheless, the casino would provide you with other rewards. So, everyone is still a winner with these slot games online, whether you bet high or not.

5. Free Spins Slots

Free spins slots are rounds where you can spin reels without placing any bet. These slots allow you to win more, extending the opportunities you have. Once all the symbols are on the right paylines, you get the free spins specified in the game guidelines.

Despite the different slots, there are certain features that you can look out for in all the best online casino slots.

Let’s go into that detail here:

The Best Online Slot Features

Traditional slot games were simple. Just get three identical symbols to line up in a roll after a reel, and you are a winner! It was easy (or almost) to calculate what a reel might give you. However, with online slots, there is no tricking the system.

Yet, there are certain features and symbols you can look out for in any online slot that point you to the winning team. Some features you should watch out for include:

  • The Wild Symbol: This symbol can change to any symbol of your choice in the game. If you already have similar symbols in the other columns, you can get a smooth win with this symbol.
  • The Scatter Symbol: The symbol usually takes you to another slot, like the bonus or free spin slots, to win more money or spins. It is one of the features you don’t want to miss out on in a slot.
  • The Multiplier Symbol: What do you say about having double of your win? This symbol doubles or triples your wins based on the provision of the game.

While these symbols usually take on different names and forms in the different slots, they give you the same advantages everywhere. All you have to do is get the best slots casino and benefit from these features.

But how do you recognize a good slots casino? No, you don’t have to keep trying the many casinos out there. We have highlighted features that make up a good slot casino for you below.

How to Choose the Best Slots Casino?

The best slot casino provides you with the opportunity to enjoy all that slots have to offer. You need to take your research seriously if you must win.

So, how do you choose an excellent online slots casino? You watch for these features:

  • Slots with High RTPs
  • Free Spins
  • Jackpots
  • Bonus Rounds and Scatter Symbols
  • Slots with Tournaments

If you find a slots casino that combines all these features, then you have found one of the best casinos for you. One feature you should watch out for, apart from a high return to player percentage, is the bonus rounds.

Bonus rounds mean that you can still keep playing and get a win without risking your money. Beyond bonus rounds, though, there are other bonuses that you can enjoy in slots. Look them up below.

Different Types of Slots Bonuses

Bonuses vary from one slot casino to the other. It will help if you read the bonus policies before committing to playing slots at that casino. Good bonus policies mean that you can enjoy the games and win without taking too much risk on your money.

The different types of slots bonuses that you would find at a casino include:

  • Free spins to certain games
  • Bonus rounds that extend your play
  • Scatter symbols that take you to another game
  • Trigger symbols to win more free spins
  • Special symbols and bonuses peculiar to a game

The way bonuses work differs from casino game to casino game as each casino also has its policies. Ensure you take time to understand how the bonuses work and take advantage of every bonus opportunity you get.

Ways to Win in The Best Slots

It is one thing to enjoy playing a casino slot game. What do you do to ensure you consistently win in an online slot?

The truth is there is no way to guarantee wins in an online slot! Each play is independent, and there is no way to calculate odds with the technology-based online slots. However, there are still strategies you can put in place to help you win more than you lose. Note that there are no guarantees, though.

So, what should you do to win?

1. Use Bonuses

Don’t ever ignore your bonuses. As much as possible, take advantage of every bonus that you find. While the wins might not be so high, you wouldn’t have to risk much to get it.

2. Play Loose Slot Games

What you need to look out for is a game with high RTP and low volatility. These games are known as loose slots. With this game, you stand a greater chance of winning. Note that it doesn’t mean you will win at each reel.

3. Know When to Stop

There are two important points where you need to stop in a slot game – when you are winning and losing. The trick is to set a limit. A limit at which if you keep losing, you withdraw and play some other time.

The temptation can be pretty enticing when you are winning. But you must remember that each play is independent. A winning streak doesn’t guarantee a successive win. So, stop after a certain number of wins.


Is it safe to play slots online?

Yes, it is safe to play slots online. All you have to watch out for is that the casino is registered and licensed in your state. You should also read their safety guides and check the encryption provisions. If you play at an unlicensed casino, you are pretty much on your own when you run into trouble.

Can I play slots on my mobile phone?

Some online slots have mobile apps that allow you to play the games on your phone conveniently. Just look for these slots, and you are good to go!


Free online slots have all the fun you want with rewards, too! However, you don’t want to rush in blind. Read through the information we have provided carefully, and avail yourself the wide array of opportunities the slot casinos have to offer.

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